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With 29 years’ experience in securities and employment law, Catherine has legal expertise in matters involving bonus disputes, failure to pay compensation, wrongful termination, defamation, whistle-blowing, harassment, and slander as well as gender, age, race, and disability discrimination. She is experienced in formulating effective strategies to secure positive and creative outcomes. She speaks French and Spanish.

Catherine has a lifelong interest in education, and has been involved in tutoring and coaching for over 20 years. She serves as a consultant for Executive Services Corp., providing strategic planning and coaching to executive directors and their nonprofit organizations. She excels at logically taking complex problems into solvable parts.

Catherine holds a Bachelors of Arts in History from Stanford University, a Juris Doctor from Southwestern University School of Law, and professional certification in Nonprofit Management from the University of Illinois at Chicago.



Securities and Employment law

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Law Office of Catherine L. Rhodes

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Employment Law, Securities Law



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Stanford University; Southwestern University School of Law; University of Illinois at Chicago


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