Take Your Law Practice On A New Adventure

What is the Esquire Network?

The Esquire Network (TEN) provides fun, structured networking opportunities in person and online to bring together lawyers and build their businesses.

Referral Relationships

We all know the best referrals come from other attorneys. Expand your legal network, enhance your practice, and amplify your success.

Attorneys-Only Networking

Make new colleagues and friends at our engaging events. No sales pitches, just meaningful connections.

Grow Your Practice

We offer MCLE opportunities (CA), aid in business development, and provide practice-specific groups to help you excel in your legal career.

Business Executives

30+ Meetings a Month

With over 300+ meetings per year, you’ll have more opportunities to network with other attorneys than ever before. In person or online, you’ll be able to attend them all.


TEN is an approved MCLE Provider with the California State Bar. We offer several opportunities to earn MCLE credit at our meetings where appropriate.


You have the opportunity to mingle with your colleagues in a more informal setting to continue to build meaningful and lasting connections.

Practice Area Groups

TEN has practice specific groups where you can network with other attorneys in your specialty, receive mentorship from seasoned pros, and ask any questions you have about a case.

Needs, Leads, & Deals

Every business day, you can expect to receive an email from us full of needs, leads, deals, and thank yous from your fellow attorneys.

Network & Have Fun

Get out of the office and have some fun with your collegues while growing your practice.

TEN Fits Into Any Schedule

With a membership here at TEN, we don’t narrow your referrals to a specific geographic area or practice type. Instead, we open you up referral opportunities across the US!

Business Owner on Online Meeting

Network Online

Network with your colleagues from the comfort of your home, office, car — anywhere with an internet connection, really.

See our Online Groups

Business Colleagues in Person

In Person

Shake hands and mingle with your fellow attorneys in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

See our In Person Groups

Online and In Person meetings


Some groups alernate meeting in person and meeting online, giving plenty of opportunities to network with the best.

See our Hybrid Groups

Picture of TEN Members at an In Person event smiling and looking straight at the camera


Often, we partner with other bar associations to bring you the most opportunities to network with as many people as possible.

See Our Upcoming Mixers

What Our Members Say

Lisa Aminnia
Lisa Aminnia
Estate Planning Attorney
"It's actually been really great for my career.Not only do I now have a lot of other resources of attorneys who do areas that I just don't cover, but I've actually gotten a lot of clients out of it too and it's a great thing to get to meet other people and have a social aspect to it as well."
Caroline "CJ" Stussi
Caroline "CJ" Stussi
Transactional Entertainment Attorney
"I really love the TEN Networks as a member because you always have legal cases that overlap with legal areas that you're not as familiar with and you can just make one phone call and, dang, you get an answer."
Duane Kumagai
Duane Kumagai
Complex Litigation Attorney
"TEN's been a great group for me. I actually got a referral before I even joined the group. Having been in the group now for a couple of years, I've made terrific friends and contacts, excellent practitioners. It's been a great source of business and I look forward to working in the future with TEN and meeting more people."
Jennifer Skolnick
Jennifer Skolnick
Family Law Attorney
"I really like the camaraderie and the range of people from all different practices and the chance to be able to form friendships and engage in various activities with people. They don't just have meetings to talk about the law, but there's a chance to do lots of fun stuff too!"
Gary Goldberger
Gary Goldberger
Business & Entertainment Law Attorney

"I've met a lot of nice people, a lot of good lawyers, people who practice in a lot of different areas and it’s been great because it gives me people to refer clients to when they have needs that come up that are outside of my area. And I've also been fortunate enough to get referrals from people, for clients who work in the areas that I handle."

Stephen Danz
Stephen Danz
Employment Law Attorney
"TEN has been a tremendous source of contacts and new business opportunities including cases that we have actually closed in the last year."
Alan Eisner
Alan Eisner
Criminal Defense Attorney
"I love TEN.The attorneys are energetic. They're competent, they're cordial, they're fun. They care about their profession, uh, they care about their clients. If a case is referred to them, it's not their specialty, they'll get it over to someone who is."
Amy Semmel
Amy Semmel
Attorney Mediator
"I've really enjoyed being a TEN member for many years now. I've made a lot of friends and, also, I've found it to be a great resource and community."
Caroline Vincent
Caroline Vincent
Attorney Mediator
"I have found it to be one of the most effective networking groups I've been in... I've not only been able to learn a number of interesting things, I've been able to participate in the conversations that are topic oriented and get to know a lot of other practitioners."
Marina Fraigun
Marina Kats Fraigun
Employment Law Attorney
"Being a member of the TEN Networks, I have made some very good friends, I've had fun! I've actually gone to events that I find very interesting, I've learned a lot, and I have made some very good friends."
Sima Aghai
Sima Aghai
Social Security Disability Attorney
"I have made terrific connections with other attorneys who have proved to be a valuable resource for me and for clients that I need to refer them to. I have enjoyed it and I will continue to be a member of TEN for the foreseeable future."

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