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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the free trial for?

You can attend meetings as a guest for up to one month before you’ll have to join in order to attend others. Our administrators will contact you to let you know when your guest period is over. 

Can I still belong to other networking organizations?

Yes, please! We want each member of our home groups to become a center of influence in their business or practice area. By doing so, they will benefit the other members of their group. If the moderator determines that a member is taking and never giving, that member might be replaced.

What is the typical meeting structure?

The meeting will begin with informal “mixer-style” networking. After about 15 minutes or so, the moderator will give some introductions and make some announcements. Then the moderator will lead the room in elevator pitches before moving into a group discussion, guest speaker, presentation, or activity of their choice. Afterwards, the moderator will ask if there are any Needs, Deals, or Testimonials and form troikas just before the meeting ends.

What are Needs, Deals, and Testimonials?

If a member has a need of any sort, i.e., an introduction to somebody, information about a lending process, a referral to a great contractor, etc., this is time in the meeting when he or she should ask the group. (It can also be sent out via our daily Needs & Deals email)

Also, if another member of the group helped you or made a referral to you in the preceding month, this is the time to publicly thank them. You can repay their helpfulness by giving them this free publicity. The best way to give a testimonial is to first describe what the member does for a living and then describe how he or she helped you.

How do I send in a Need or Deal to other members of TEN?

Simply email your Need or Deal to He compiles the emails he receives each day and blasts them to all members at about 4 p.m Pacific. We don’t recommend you include your telephone number in the email because you will likely be bombarded with phone calls. It’s a better strategy to ask people to contact you by email.