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177 E. Colorado Blvd. Suite 200, Pasadena, CA 91105


Catey Rudoy does TEN’s Social Media and is also TEN’s MCLE Coordinator. Catey graduated from the George Washington University (not the GWU Law School, unfortunately) with a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology back in 2017 and has since found herself wrapped up in opportunities that allow her creativity to shine.

As an avid social media user for many years for her own projects, Catey has now taken to managing others’ social media profiles in order to help with whatever their goals may be. She can occasionally be seen leading discussions on 405s regarding attorneys on social media and how you specifically can use it to accomplish your goals for the year.

Catey jokes that in another life she was meant to be an attorney, seeing as how she knows so much about the logistics that come with practicing law without actually being an attorney. As TEN’s MCLE coordinator, Catey is in charge of planning MCLE events, issuing certificates of attendance, and waiting for the State Bar to email her back.

When not at the office or TEN’s broadcasting facilities, she can be seen playing her music, and, global pandemic aside, you can occasionally catch her playing different venues around Los Angeles. For now though, you can just catch her at the 405s.

If you ever have any questions regarding Social Media or MCLEs, feel free to contact her at

P.S. You can find her on Spotify, Apple Music, and where ever else you stream or download music by searching for Cat Ivy.



TEN MCLE Coordinator and Digital Marketing Specialist

Law Firm

The Esquire Network

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MCLE, Social Media



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George Washington University, B.A. in Psychology, 2017


CA, Calabasas, California, Los Angeles