TEN Road Rally

Sunday November 17, 2019 10:00 AM

Join us on Sunday, November 17, as we take TEN on the road… to Ojai!

Destination: Beacon Coffee Company (211 W Ojai Ave, Ojai, CA 93023)

Moderator: Navid Kanani

For our inaugural meeting, we will be heading West to Ojai for a light breakfast, coffee and snacks (self-pay) and short meeting/social. We’ll do some networking and discuss destinations for future Sunday morning rallies. Then we’ll return to LA. https://www.beaconcoffee.com/

This is roughly a 57-mile, 50-minute drive.

You can drive on your own or leave from Bristol Farms parking lot, 23379 Mulholland Dr, Woodland Hills, CA 91364 at 9 am (meet near McDonalds.) For those who want to ride and not drive, we will be doing “Troikas on the road” both on the way there and on the way back (but we’ll be mixing up the groups each way).

Westlake Village and Ventura TEN members and guests: Let us know and we’ll drive by so you can join us on the way. Email Navid a convenient but interesting local destination to meet you and we’ll be there about 9:20 and 9:40, respectively. Navid@jsafirm.com

After our meeting/social, we will head back to LA and be back at Bristol Farms around noon.

This meeting/social is open to all TEN members, first-time guests and all makes and models of cars. TEN is not responsible for your transportation.

Drivers: please make sure your license, registration and insurance is up to date. Please do not drink and drive, obey all traffic laws and drive safely!

TESLA and other EV owners: If you need to charge your car during breakfast, there is a nearby supercharger at Boku Superfood, 987 West Ojai Avenue. There is also a nearby Charge Point charging station at 401 S. Ventura St., Ojai.

Break the bonds of fixed meeting locations and join us as we take TEN on the road.

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