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Stephen Danz has over 30 years of practical legal experience, trying hundreds of cases within that time. Regularly appearing before the state and federal courts throughout the state of California, Mr. Danz has earned a reputation as a leading attorney for plaintiffs employment law. Known for his brilliant legal mind and incisive intellect, Stephen Danz is a strong advocate for his clients. When he is not practicing law, Mr. Danz flies his twin engine Cessna as well as spends time with his wife, and two sons. Stephen Danz has been an avid pilot since the early 70’s, but an avid fan of airplanes since he was a young boy growing up in Seattle, Washington. After years of flying the California skies by himself en route to meetings with clients, court appearances and employment law seminars, Mr. Danz realized that the extra space in his plane could be better used. He just was not sure how. That was until he found out about Angel Flight, Inc. Since then, Mr. Danz has flown more hours (voluntarily) than any other pilot. While it is true Mr. Danz loves to fly, he now has an even greater purpose in his flights; to help those that are medically and financially aggrieved. If you ever call the office and ask for Mr. Danz and are told that he is not available, you can bet he is up in the sky piloting a small child to Disneyland, or a cancer patient to a better hospital.



Employment Law

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Stephen Danz & Associates

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Employment Law Litigation, Pregnancy Discrimination, Sexual Harassment



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California Employee’s Lawyer Association, Consumer Attorneys of Los Angeles, National Whistle Blowers Center, Angel Flight West


B.A.: University of Washington; J.D.: University of West Los Angeles


Los Angeles