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2667 E. Colorado Blvd. Suite B, Pasadena, CA 91107


Joseph Chora is a private investigator as well as an attorney. He specializes in judgment enforcement and Creditors rights. In addition, he performs sensitive investigations.

As an investigator, Joseph is able to locate assets of the debtor, whether they have been transferred to family members, shell corporations or any of the other numerous “tricks” debtors use to hide assets.

Joseph is committed to providing diligent enforcement services that center on the needs of the client. He understands that his clients are seeking help with a recalcitrant debtor who has the money, but is refusing to pay the judgment that is lawfully owed to the creditor.

He is an experienced enforcer who knows that in order to enforce a judgment there needs to be a balance of court-ordered remedies, such as examinations, garnishments, and seizures, and good old fashioned ‘negotiations,’ to make sure the debtor is aware that the creditor has rights and is not going to go away until the debtor pays what is owed.

Even when the debtor seeks bankruptcy protection, Joseph is prepared to pursue the debtor into bankruptcy to ensure the creditor’s rights are enforced in the bankruptcy court. With the right preparation, bankruptcy can actually streamline the enforcement process.

Of the firm’s five lawyers, three are private investigators; as such, Joseph and the firm are the perfect combination of law firm confidentiality and the investigative know-how of a private investigative firm. Joseph is able to handle investigative matters of the most sensitive nature. Some examples are:

1) Government employment investigations
2) Court appointments as special master
3) Investigations of political figures
4) Celebrity/High Profile investigations

Joseph lives and works in the city of Pasadena. During his free time, he enjoys mountain biking, skiing and S.C.U.B.A. diving



Judgment Enforcement

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Chora Young LLP

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Judgment Enforcement, Sensitive Investigations


California, Central District of California

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American Bar Association; Association of Business Trial Lawyers; California Judgment Professionals; California Bar Association; Federal Bar Association; Glendale Bar Association; Los Angeles County Bar Association; Pasadena Bar Association


Glendale University College of Law