TEN Taster's Group

TEN Tasters

Moderator: Amira Hasenbush

Topic: Wine and Cheese Tasting.

Description: Can you believe it's now February? I feel like it was just New Years. Any case, it also means that those of you doing dry January should have no excuses not to join us for the February TEN Tasters! We will be meeting on Zoom at 5:30 pm on Thursday, February 8th. As always, +1s are welcome, and everyone is invited, whether you order the wines/cheeses or not. AND this month we will have special guest appearances from Kristine and Bridget, Chris's co-owners of Jace Wines (and family), while Chris is traveling. See you soon!

Who's going?

Names of attendees will be displayed publicly, along with the contents of the area of practice field (coming soon).

  • Amira Hasenbush
  • Alan Eisner Criminal Defense
  • Barry Ross
  • Jason Cirlin
  • Richard Weissman
  • Megan Meadows
  • David Connelly
  • Jeremy Lane
  • Sabrina Damast
  • Lawrence Noble
  • Charles Shamash
  • Todd Serota