Lisa Amminia

Sherman Oaks

Moderator: Lisa Aminnia

Topic: CHILDHOOD STORIES AND TRADITIONS: As the holidays approach and we get ready to spend more time with our families, we are often reminded of fun silly (and possibly mischievous) stories from our past. In a mission to continue getting to know each other better, please come prepared with a story from your childhood that may help us get to know the REAL you. TEN meetings in the past have presented some incredible memorable stories that many of us still remember to this day. Would we all be surprised by the reserved bankruptcy attorney who got into fights in middle school? Maybe we'll all laugh knowing about the estate planning attorney who got to make a fool of herself on multiple game shows in college? Or perhaps the family law attorney had a wild encounter at girl scout camp that might just make us all blush! If you don't have a crazy story from your youth that would get the group giggling up a storm, then please bring with you a story of a wacky Thanksgiving with your family AND ALSO recipes for fun Thanksgiving appetizers, sides, and desserts to share with the group!!

Description: Please note that this month's meeting will start one hour early at 11 AM.

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