TEN Encino – In Person

Moderator: Lisa Aminnia

Topic: We're Back and Better than Ever! - Thank you to our host, David Bobrosky of Lewitt Hackman.

Description: We are thrilled that TEN Encino has returned, live and in person! As we look back fondly at fun memories in the Lewitt Hackman conference room, we also want to manifest the best possible outcome for us in 2024 and beyond. So this month, we are here to celebrate our past and also look forward to the future. Please come prepared with stories of your greatest TEN moments - an amazing personal/professional connection you have made with a fellow TEN member, a fabulous memorable troika experience, or even your most valuable client or referral that the group brought your way. For the future, let us know how TEN can best serve you! Do you want more speakers and presentations at meetings? Are there any particular topics you prefer to discuss? What would you love in your ideal networking meeting? Let's make TEN a 10/10!

TEN Encino

In Person, February 2024

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  • Lisa Aminnia
  • Jack Schaedel
  • Jack LaPedis