David Oken

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Moderator: Alan Insul

Topic: Mediations with Insurance and Insurers by David Oken.

Description: Mediations with insurers, either as a party or as a source of funding, present unique challenges for the mediator and the parties. David Oken will be talking about some of the nuances that exist when mediations involve insurance companies or insurance issues. As a former insurance coverage attorney who has almost 30 years of experience representing insurers and policy holders and now as a mediator who specializes in cases involving insurance, David will be able to provide some very interesting insights regarding mediations that contain insurance components.

Speaker Bio: Building on his many years of legal expertise, David Oken is a full-time mediator specializing in the resolution of civil disputes with an emphasis on insurance coverage issues. As a graduate of the well-recognized mediator training program, the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution (Pepperdine University) , David’s innate skill for communicating with people has flourished with excellent rates of resolution for his mediation practice. David has successfully mediated cases from insurance disputes to personal injury lawsuits to real estate and business disputes (even an occasional family law case.) David is a mediator with 29 years of extensive and recognized attorney experience, on both sides of the “v”, in complex, high profile litigation and mediation which primarily focused on insurance coverage cases but also involved a varied and expansive group of legal issues including contract disputes, real estate transactions, personal injury and business disputes. David’s insurance background includes a prior career as a California licensed independent insurance agent and broker. David has represented national insurance companies and policyholders in insurance coverage litigation and disputes pertaining to numerous commercial/personal insurance claim issues. David has also been involved in numerous types of insurance coverage cases ranging from high-profile national pollution and toxic tort liability insurance claims to individual first party homeowner’s claims and everything in between. David is honored as a member of important mediator panels such as the Second District Court of Appeal and the United States Central District of California. Recognizing a demand for the determination of reasonable and necessary attorney fee billings and with considerable experience relating to reasonable attorney fees issues, David also served as a qualified trial expert for such issues. David is now a mediator/arbitrator for the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Attorney-Client Mediation & Arbitration Service (Attorney/Client Fee Disputes.)

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